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DAY 23

Marks are currently being updated.


Organize your binder. Easy assignment out of 10 y’all!
HISTORY (in order)

Work on your 20 Answers projects.

Your questions are:
Allegra: Assess the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Canadian public since 1982.
Wayne: Describe the evolution of Canadian autonomy from 1914-1982.
Adrian: Between 1914-2000, to what extent has Canada become an autonomous nation?
Bosco: To what extent was Canada a major participant in the First World War?
Breanna: Describe the impact of the First World War on Canada’s home front.
Ben: To what extent was Canada a major participant in the Second World War?
Alisa: Describe the impact of the Second World War on Canada’s home front.
James: To what extent between 1939 and 1970 did Canada evolve from being an insignificant nation to being a middle power?
Christelle: Describe Canada’s role in the Cold War from 1945 – 1989.
Thomas: Evaluate Canada’s contributions to the success of the UN.
Alison: To what extent have Canada’s immigration policies become fairer during the period of 1914-2000?
Shiela: Describe Canada’s shift from being under the British sphere of influence to being under the American sphere of influence between 1914-2000.
Christel: Explain how Canada’s identity has been shaped as a result of its involvement in international affairs from 1914 – 2000
Kris: Describe the role of French Canada in influencing Canadian politics from the 1914 – present.
Monica: Evaluate the impact of global warming on Canada.
Mary: Analyze the threats to Canadians regarding quality of fresh water.
Lily: “The Greatest Tragedy today is the gap between rich and poor.” Evaluate this statement.

DAY 22

1950s and 1960s StudyGuide was due today.
1980s and BEYOND StudyGuide is due Friday (tomorrow)

PERMS Sheet (1950s-2000s) is for your own review. Try to do it without the book. We will be doing it with BUDDIES in class next week.

SG for Chapter 11 is due Tuesday.