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For my artifact, I chose my ukulele, and the song All of Me. The reason why I chose these things is because they express to me the very reason why I am a music teacher. To me, music teaching is about what we will go on to use music for in our lives… to create joy in our own lives and in the lives of others.

I received a ukulele for my birthday last year, but I’ve been playing for several years. I’ve been playing the song All of Me for my daughter every day since she was born. It is our special bond. She loves the sound of music and of me singing. And sure, it’s not the perfection of Mozart… but you can bet your life that Mozart knew how to hammer out a few bar tunes at a party too. We all need music for more than stiff concert situations. Music is for joy.



What are the challenges today & How are they different than the challenges of the past?
a) Differentiated instruction today is more important
b) Students are not a homoegeneous group
c) There is more recognition of diverse learning styles.

The Challenges of Change
a) As Berger writes, change is not instant, and it may take years to see the fruits of our labour
b) Learning through community projects allows for a gradual building of community — while also getting through the curriculum
c) It focuses on areas of CAPACITY