The movie assignment is worth 20 marks.

The purpose of this project is to watch a historical movie. Not a movie set in a historical time period (like Captain America) but a film about an actual historical event… one that we’ve studied or will be studying in class. You are to answer the following questions. Each fully explained answer is worth two marks. One mark for your opinion, one mark for including something from the movie (for example, in the film)…

Watching the movie in class and using it as your movie will not AUTOMATICALLY earn you full marks. You will have to complete the ADDITIONAL PORTION if you use the movie we watched in class as your film. Please write in complete sentences.

================SECTION ONE=================
1. Did you enjoy this film (1) Why or why not? (1)

2. Who were the main characters in this film (if you can’t remember their names, that’s okay… describe them). (2)

3. What was this film about? (1) What historical time period was it set in? (1)

4. In what ways was the film realistic? Were there any parts of the film you found unrealistic? (2)

5. What rating would you give this film (out of four stars)? (2)

================SECTION TWO=================
If you used the film in class, submit a letter written as one of the characters in the film, explaining your actions to a relative who is not on screen and saying goodbye. Justify your actions as part of the plot to assassinate Heydrich… explain how you justify killing & list some reasons why you did it (look up what Heydrich was known for). This letter is to be buried and found 50 years later.

This letter is worth 10 marks and MUST CONTAIN some of the things Reinhart Heydrich did in order to get full marks.


SUBMIT A PHOTO OF YOURSELF WATCHING A DIFFERENT MOVIE that you did for section one. This photo is worth 10 marks. A receipt also works, if you watched the movie in a theatre.


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