For the exam, make SURE to bring your textbook. If you do not bring your textbook, you will not get back your $100.

Exam dates are August 9 and August 10.

AUGUST 9 will be the essay portion of the exam. The essay portion will be on the Human Geography section of the book. I will not be giving you the question ahead of time. You may not use notes to write this essay. The most common themes of the Human Geography questions are usually:
- Causes or solutions to poverty
- Causes or solutions to climate change
- Causes or solutions to over-population

I have several questions on these themes written and will choose one question AT RANDOM prior to each class on August 9. AM and PM classes will write on different topics.

AUGUST 10 will be the multiple choice section of the exam.
There are two sittings.

SITTING #1 is in the morning between 8:15-10:15
SITTING #2 is in the late morning between 10:45-12:45


    Your Human Geography StudyGuide (12 marks) is due at the beginning of the exam.
    If you are more than 1 hour late for the exam, you will have to write the next sitting of the exam (EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN AFTERNOON CLASS). There is NO re-do date for this exam. You cannot miss it or you get a zero.


  • Vocab list at the beginning of every section


  • Possible Essay Questions, part of this quite excellent resource
  • Counterpoints in note form in a different, slightly easier, format. LINK to PDF or DOC
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