1. Don Blazevich

    I always appreciate your honest response and reflection because of the lense through which you offer a thought provoking ‘pause’. A kind of ‘stop moment’ which David Applebaum describes. Though I’m tweaking it a bit (Sorry David!).
    In your post of The Magic of Belief, I had not thought of having the penguin swim. Or, even flying through water ever so gracefully.
    I found myself in a state of ‘wanting’. I wanted the penguin to fly. To be unique and do what others said could not be done. I wanted a sense of more. That the penguin could be more than what most, possibly every, penguin can do.
    Your comment helped me add more to my list of wants. I wanted the penguin to realize he is an awesome swimmer who still has the ability to fly. Where ‘fly’ becomes a metaphor to reaching beyond ones current state of self/ being/ place/ circumstance.
    Technically speaking, bumble bees aren’t supposed to fly, yet they do. I guess I want a little bit if penguin in me where I can convince myself to push a little bit further than where I thought I could go. If it helps me get to the moon, then that’s great. If it helps me find and appreciate myself inside of my own skin, cool. And if it creates a list of experienced failures that I learn from and one of those failures helps me invent something new, like the inventor of the post-it note, then I’ll be okay with that too. Plus, I know that I am often a sucker for happy endings. Or… maybe… your free write perspective, now added to my own, may help me respond differently to a future student who is a ‘penguin wanting to fly’.


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