Health Info

This is our first year performing a musical during a pandemic.

While restrictions have been lifted for most COVID protection measures within all venues and schools, I – Mr. TdS, the music teacher at Second Street – will be doing my best to provide as safe an event as possible for our students while keeping it as “ordinary” as possible.

Below are some considerations you may wish to take into personal consideration for this year’s musical:

- While I understand that most people aren’t masking in their day-to-day lives anymore, audience members are encouraged to wear a mask during the show if they are willing and able to put one on for an hour. There is often not room for social distancing in this venue and our music teacher is living with someone who is recovering from a cancer surgery in the weeks preceding the show.

- We ask that you avoid coming to a watch a show if you are sick.

- We ask that you not send sick students to perform in shows. For our actors, we have made sure to double every role so that there are multiple understudies in case of illness.

- Our gym has a new air filtration system that was installed by the government during the pandemic.

- We will be bringing HEPA filters in from our classrooms to provide filtration in some locations during the show.

- Venue doors will remain open during the show (this is also useful as June is hotter).

- Students who wear masks to school are welcome to continue wearing masks while performing during the show if they would like.

-If you are immune-compromised, consider attending a matinee show (1pm) if you are able to. In previous years, evening shows are usually more crowded.

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