Is it possible to switch my child's performance so that all my children perform on the same evening?
Yes, absolutely. An email will be going out about this in the upcoming week (last week of May).

How many tickets can I get to the play?
Tickets to the play are free. Each student will be given two tickets to the EVENING play.
Afternoon matinees do not require tickets.

When tickets come home, they will come with a form attached to them so families can then request additional tickets. Tickets will be coming home in the second week of June.

Priority will be given to families with more than two parents first (such as in the cases of seperation). After that we will give tickets to siblings grandparents, aunts, neighbours and friends. If you are considering bringing more people to the play please consider attending an afternoon matinee as they are often emptier than our evening shows.

Do my children HAVE to attend the evening performance?
Evening performance is not mandatory, but it is a great tradition at Second Street that we are able to -- with teacher support -- hold an evening performance so that families can celebrate their children's achievements in music this year. We have found that, in the past, most students attend the evening shows.

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